Business Online Banking (BOB)

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Welcome to Business Online Banking (BOB), an online banking product designed for commercial and individual use. If you are comfortable using your Internet browser, you will be comfortable with this product. With some help from the Internet you will have full service access to your accounts in a completely secure environment from your desk. Sophisticated and flexible funds management capabilities allow named client employees to make controlled disbursements, transfers including ACH, internal transfers, wires and payments such as tax, payroll, loan and bill payments.

Types of Activity:

  • Summarize account information - you can view a list of all your accounts at our financial institution by clicking on the "Accounts" drop-down menu. From the account list, a specific account can be selected to view account detail and to perform research functions.
  • Print copies of checks and deposit slips - you can view them online and print the ones that you need for your records.Also you can view the last 12 months of statements
  • Fund Management Activities - you can issue fund transfers internally and to other financial institutions and inquire into fund transfers that have already been issued. You can select transactions, sort transactions and export transactions to Quicken, QuickBooks, and Excel. You also can initiate a wire transfer to other financial institutions.
  • File Management Activities - you can issue file transfers including direct deposit payroll and direct withdrawals and inquire into file transfers that have already been issued.
  • Remote Deposit Capture - scan your deposits at your desk with same-day credit without leaving your business.
  • Security- Logins are protected by a one-time password token. Only named employees are allowed access and specified rights.
  • Positive Pay check reconciliation- upload your check file which then matches cleared checks. Choose to pay unmatched checks or return. 

If you have questions or are interested in joining Business Online Banking (BOB),contact our Digital Banking Administrator at (580) 310-4460 or email at* We can set up a demo and show you how it works.

*For your protection, please do not include personal information such as identifying numbers, pin numbers, and passwords.