Mobile App Information

The Citizens Bank of Ada Mobile App can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play. There is no charge for the use of the app; however, your mobile service provider may charge for text messages or Data/Internet usage-Contact your cellular service provider for details. 

Mobile Device Security-Maintain the same vigilance you would on your computer with your mobile device. Download apps and data only from trusted applications from reputable sources or marketplaces. Don't use your mobile device to store important and sensitive personal information, bank account numbers or other information that personally identifies you.

The Pay a Friendand External Transfer** services will charge a $2.00 fee and $3.00 fee respectively, per standard transaction.

Users must be enrolled in Internet Banking on our website prior to accessing the Mobile App. Login information for both Internet Banking and the Mobile App will be the same. 

The mobile app offers Account and Statement information, internal Transfers and External Transfers from your account here to your account at another bank. Additional services include Bill Pay, Pay a Friend, Picture Pay, Mobile Deposit, Debit Card management and Account Alerts. 

The internal Transfer Money feature allows you to make transfers from your own accounts within the bank. The funds are credited in real-time.

The External Transfer** feature allow you to make transfers from your Citizens Bank account to your account at another bank. You can only transfer funds into or out of a Citizens Bank of Ada account. You cannot initiate a transfer directly between two non-Citizens Bank of Ada accounts. You can input the external bank transfer information using the External Transfer tab. Once the account is verified at the other bank with test transactions, you are ready to transfer. For a standard transfer: $20.00 minimum allowed, $1000.00 maximum per transfer, $2,000.00 maximum per day, $5,000.00 maximum per week. For express transfers: $50.00 minimum, $1,000.00 maximum per day, $5,000.00 maximum per week. A $3.00 fee for Standard transactions and a $7.50 fee for Express transactions will apply. Allow 3-5 business days for Standard and 1-2 days for Express transfers.

To access the Bill Pay feature for the first time, login to our website and click on the “Enroll” under the Bill Pay tab; then you will be able to access it from the app.

The Pay a Friend* feature allows you to send money to a friend without obtaining their bank information. You can only transfer funds in or out of a Citizens Bank of Ada account. You cannot initiate a transfer directly between two non-Citizens Bank of Ada Accounts. You send them a notice of payment using their email or phone number. Once they have accepted the invitation, the funds transfer will be initiated. The minimum amount allowed to transfer is $10.00 and the maximum amount allowed is $250.00 per day. 10 transactions allowed per day. $2,000 limit to send funds per week and $3,000 weekly limit to receive funds per week. 

Allow 2-3 business days. A $2.00 fee for this service will apply per transaction. 

The Picture Pay feature allows users to pay their bills by taking a picture of the bill coupon. The feature will either mail a check or submit an ACH payment to the vendor depending on whether the vendor is set up to receive ACH payments.

The Mobile Deposit Capture is a feature that allows users to deposit a check into their Citizens Bank account simply by taking a picture of the front and back of the check. The daily deposit limit is 5 items for a total of $2,500.00. The monthly deposit limit is 10 items for a total of $5,000.00. The program will create a deposit slip for you. All payees must endorse any check submitted through Mobile Deposit Capture just as you would at a branch. Endorsement on the back of the check must include "For Mobile Deposit only, Citizens Bank of Ada Account #________”. Securely store the check for a recommended 14 days to insure there are no issues with the deposit. After the 14 days, you can destroy the check in a way that ensures it will not be presented for payment again. Your approved deposit will be posted to your account during our nightly update on the date of the deposit. You will see it in your account history the next business day. If a deposit is transmitted through Mobile Deposit Capture before 4:00pm on a normal banking day, we consider that day to be the date of your deposit. If a deposit is transmitted after 4:00pm, on a weekend, or holiday, then we will consider that deposit to be the next business day. Funds deposited using the Mobile Deposit Capture are generally available to you on the first business day after the date received. For immediate access to your funds, please deposit the check at your nearest branch. However, per Reg CC, the Bank may impose a hold on your deposit, which could delay the funds availability. We are unable to make changes to deposits submitted through Mobile Deposit Capture. If you submitted the check for the wrong amount, then we will reject the deposit and contact you by phone stating that your deposit was rejected. The Mobile Deposit Capture service does not allow rejected deposits to be resubmitted. You will need to deposit the item at one of our branch locations.

The debit Card management feature allows you to turn off access to your card in case it is lost or stolen. Please report any instances to Customer Service.

The account Alerts feature allows you to set up Security and Account alerts by email or phone.

For assistance, please call Customer Service at: 580-332-6100.