Online Banking


Why Are Changes Taking Place?

Technology is constantly updating to provide it’s users with an easier, more efficient experience. The management at Citizens Bank of Ada decided it was time that we did the same! We are updating our account processing software in order to offer you an exciting, up-to-date suite of products that will make your banking experience faster, easier, and more efficient. 

Some Highlights include:

  • Internet banking with added features including customization
  • More intuitive bill pay module
  • New rewards program
  • Mobile Banking

What this means for you:

  • You will be required to re-enroll in internet banking once implementation is complete (February 13, 2017).
  • You will be required to re-enroll in the new Bonus Points Rewards program.

We are here to assist you through any inconveniences you may face during this implementation period. For questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact one of our Representatives at 580-310-4444, 580-332-6100, or stop by one of our locations. See below for additional preparation information regarding these upcoming changes.

We appreciate your patience during this process!

See FAQs below for more information! 


Q: What about my Bonus Point Rewards login?

A: All rewards users will be required to re-enroll on the Dreampoints website after the upgrades take place.  Instructions are on the Bonus Point Rewards page.

Q: Will I lose my accumulated Rewards points?

A: No, all Rewards points will transfer over to our new rewards platform. This process may take 2-3 weeks after Feb 10th.

Q: Will my internet banking login work after the upgrade?

A: No, all internet banking users will be required to re-enroll online after February 13th. There will be tutorials on how to do this electronically on our website and on Facebook.  

Q: Will I have to re-enter my bill pay information?

A: No, all bill pay information will be converted over into the new bill pay module using the same user ID.

 Q: What else should I expect to be different?

A: The account statements and notices will have a different look and feel. You may notice that your statement arrives on a different date than it usually does. Your statements will close at month-end and will be available by close of business online for eStatement users or the next business day or mailed within 5 business days.   

For Questions regarding recent changes, contact Customer Service at 580-332-6100