UChoose Rewards

Bonus Check Card Reward Information

The UChoose Rewards® Program

Using your Citizens Bank of Ada Visa® Bonus Check Card is about to become even more rewarding!
To get started, visit www.uchooserewards.com to register your user name and password.

Here's how it works: you earn points every time you use your Citizens Bank of Ada Visa® Bonus Check Card and sign for your purchases. You can also earn additional points for shopping at participating retailers with your card. Redeem your points for anything of your choice from a vast online rewards catalog or gift cards.

Have questions? Please call Sharon Croy at (580) 332-6100 ext. 4460

Rewards FAQ

How do I earn points?

You can earn 1 point for every $2 you spend by making a signature-based purchase, which includes those made in-person, over the Internet, or by telephone when a PIN (Personal Identification Number) is NOT used.

What is a "signature-based" purchase or transaction?

When using your Bonus Check Card to make a purchase, you usually have the option of making a "debit" transaction or a "credit" transaction. In order for the transaction to be a "signature-based" transaction, you must choose "credit". Rather than entering a PIN, you will be required to sign a receipt. The end result is the same as if you choose debit. In addition, most Bonus Check Card transactions done on the Internet or over the telephone are considered signature-based transactions, but your actual signature is not required with these two types of usage.

When do I begin earning points?

You begin earning points immediately after your first signature-based transaction. Your point balance will be updated daily, and can be redeemed when the points are 30 days old. You can check your points by going to www.uchooserewards.com. Register, and then after logging in by entering your User name and Password, your point total is on the left. View your point history by clicking on the Point Details tab. When you have earned at least 2500 points, you can redeem by clicking on the Redeem Points Tab. (Any redemption totaling $300 or more will require a signature when it is received at your home or business).

Will I be charged any fees or interest?

No, there is no charge for enrolling in the Bonus Check Program.